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Welcome to GHK Properties

Our mission transcends beyond just building homes. We are dedicated to crafting communities. As a 100% minority & Latino-owned development company, we bring a unique perspective to affordable housing. Our roots in the nonprofit and public sectors guide our approach compassionately, community-focused, and driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact.


The GHK Properties Advantage

Local Expertise: Rooted in Arizona, we understand the unique needs and opportunities of our communities.
Innovative Solutions: Our creative approach to development challenges sets us apart.
Community Focus: Every project we undertake is designed with the welfare and enrichment of the community in mind.
Sustainability Commitment: We are dedicated to building a sustainable future for each community.

What We Offer

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At GHK Properties, our services extend beyond traditional development. We specialize in creating housing solutions that cater to the needs of modern communities while addressing the challenges of today’s housing market. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

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If you’re inspired by our mission and want to make a difference in the housing landscape, we would love to hear from you.