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GHK Properties was born from a vision to redefine affordable housing. As a 100% Minority and Latino-owned business. We bring a rich heritage of community and resilience to the forefront of real estate development. Our journey began with a shared dream among three passionate individuals: to create not just homes, but thriving communities where people can find a place to belong.

Gilbert Anthony

Gilbert was the visionary who foresaw the changing urban economics in the Southwest and put together the GHK team for the purpose of developing and preserving affordable communities. Gilbert has sought to leverage best practices in development and policy to stem the rising tide of raising rents for underserved communities. 

Hugh Martinez

Hugh is a 20+ year veteran of the affordable housing industry. He has developed over 1500 units of LIHTC apartments and consulted in the development of another 300 affordable apartment units. Hugh is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and holds an MRED degree from the University of Southern California. 

Kristopher Ortega

Kristopher is a 5th generation Arizonan with a 15-year history in public service, non-profits and community development. He has long been an advocate for diverse and marginalized communities. Kristopher brings his ability to build bridges and assists communities in navigating complex government affairs.

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At GHK Properties, our services extend beyond traditional development. We specialize in creating housing solutions that cater to the needs of modern communities while addressing the challenges of today’s housing market.

Our Services

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If you’re inspired by our mission and want to make a difference in the housing landscape, we would love to hear from you.